static electricity

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static electricity
1 is Form of energy that produce light effects, Mechanical, heaters, chemicals, etc.
2 It refers to the accumulation of excess electric charge in an area with poor electrical conductivity, an insulating so that charge accumulation continues.
3 The materials we deal with in our daily lives are made up of atoms and molecules are electrically neutral because they have the same number of positive charges (protons in the nucleus) than negative charges (electrons around the nucleus).
4 occurs when certain materials are rubbed against each other, such as wool against plastic or shoe soles against the carpet, where
4.1 the rubbing process causes electrons from the surface of a material may be removed and relocated on the surface of another material that offers more favorable energy levels
5 The ability of electrification called friction bodies triboelectric effect; there is a classification of different materials called triboelectric sequence.
5.1 Static electricity is commonly used in screen printing, in air filters in some automotive paints, in some subatomic particles accelerators, etc.
6 Small components of electronic circuits can be easily damaged by static electricity.
7 Today most semiconductor components field effect, which are the most sensitive
7.1 It includes internal circuitry antistatic protection
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