Conventions and codes of a Thriller genre.

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Conventions and codes of a Thriller genre.
  1. Mise-en-scene
    1. Make-up and 'unique' hairstyles.
      1. Location
        1. Different types of acting.
          1. Composition
            1. Low lighting
              1. Antagonist - dark clothes
                1. Protagonist - 'normal' clothes
                  1. Costumes
                2. Editing
                  1. Many directos of each film will want to include lots of non-diegetic sound so that it effects the audience in a scary way, also will use many different cuts, such as jump cuts to increase effect and uspense within the watching of the film. Cross cutting is also used, as again, that also increases efect of suspense.
                  2. Charcters
                    1. The protagonist tends to be a man, as that is stereotypical, but he usually wants to help and mae this back to the way they once were. (equilibrium)
                      1. The antagonist tend to be 'dark' and ;scary' and have that stereotypical 'bad boy vibe'. The antagonist is again normally a man, and has a hidden identity, for example 'The Joker', even though you cant see his face, you still know he is the villain.
                      2. Sound
                        1. The sound of a film is extremely important as this is what creates most of the suspense and effect within the film. It does this by the constant use of diegetic and non-diegetic sound. As it creates suspense and intensity for not only the audience, but also the characters. The soud will normally start of at a slow and gentle pace, but then get continuously louder and faster, which increases the suspense.
                        2. Cinematpgrophy
                          1. This is used for many close ups for the protagonist showing how he feels through the emotion and facial expressions, it is also used for the waythe antagonist is feeling and how he is going to do what he wants. It also focuses on many of the props and mise-en-scene which have an impact on the narrative.
                          2. Conventions of a thriller.
                            1. Low lighting
                              1. Different shots
                                1. Shadows
                                  1. Tension music
                                    1. Quick and fast paced shots.
                                    2. Changes in shot angle
                                      1. A thriller film usually includes a 'fight' between the antagonist and the protagonist. The antagonist usually comes from a bad background and that is why they are the way they are. The narrative the shows a differnece of bad events , the protagonist wants to restore bad and the antagonist wants to destroy this and create bad.
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