Religion & Human Rights

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Religion & Human Rights
1 Human rights
1.1 basic needs
1.2 1948-after WW2 & Holocaust
1.3 include education, freedom of speech/religion
2 Pressure/protest groups
2.1 Pressure groups
2.1.1 organised collection of people who influence political decisions/promote a particular issue.
2.2 Protest groups
2.2.1 statement or action as a reaction to events or situations.
2.3 Groups
2.3.1 Abortion rights: pro-choice organisation, women have rights to their bodies
2.3.2 SPUC: rights for the unborn child, against abortion
3 Gender discrimination
3.1 Christian view
3.1.1 everyone is equal in the eyes of God.
3.2 Hinduism view
3.2.1 women are leaders of the household
4 Christianity
4.1 Everybody is equal, created and loved by God
4.2 The Sanctity of Life is a Christian teaching which says that because we were all created equal before God all life should be respected
5 Hinduism
5.1 Each person should carry out their duties (dharma) in life, if carried out properly they will protect the rights and freedoms of others in society.
5.2 All life is sacred and everyone has the right to be free from violence (ahisma).

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