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Resources in Infant Education Mind Map on ISLAMIC EMPIRE, created by Alba Carasusán on 11/08/2016.

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  1. What?
    1. Monotheistic religion
      1. Founded by Muhammad
        1. Prophet of Allah (“the God”)
          1. Upset with the way people lived
            1. Angel Gabriel visited him = revelation (vision)
              1. Saw life as a preparation for the Day of Judgment
            2. Pillars of Islam
              1. Pilar One- The Shahadah


                • If you want to join a group, a club or a community, you may have to make a promise or statement to show that you share and agree with their rules, practices or beliefs.
                1. is a declaration of faith
                2. Pilar two- Salat
                  1. Pilar three- Zakat
                    1. Pilar four- Sawm
                      1. Pilar five- Hajj
                      2. Political structure
                        1. Caliph
                          1. Both political and religious authority
                          2. Viziers
                            1. Acted as advisors and eventually took charge of the government.
                            2. Emirs or walis
                              1. governors of the empire´s provinces
                              2. Qadis
                                1. Judges who dealt with both civil and religious matters
                                2. Diwans
                                  1. Treasures, who collected taxes
                                3. Economy
                                  1. livestock farming
                                    1. Agricultural irrigation
                                      1. Trade and craftwork
                                        1. wider and more sophisticated than the trade of western Europe
                                        2. Culture
                                          1. Science
                                            1. Al-Khwarazmi discovered zero.
                                              1. Al-Fazari invented the astrolabe for navigation
                                                1. Astronomy. .
                                                  1. Over a hundred stars in the sky have Arabic names
                                                  2. first university in the world was in Egypt in AD970
                                                  3. Medicine
                                                    1. hospitals with isolation units for contagious illnesses.
                                                      1. rules about hygiene
                                                        1. Doctors had to pass an examination
                                                          1. blood circulated round the body
                                                            1. There were female doctors and nurses.
                                                          2. Expansion
                                                              1. 622-750
                                                                1. 750-1250
                                                                  1. 1250-1400
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