Sounds, spellings and symbols.

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English phonology, learning activity 1.1

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Sounds, spellings and symbols.
  1. Phonetics and Phonology
    1. Phonetics
      1. Humans produce sounds to comunicate
        1. Phonetics describe and clasificate this sounds
          1. EXAMPLE ă, pronounced /æ/ as in apple, ĕ, pronounced /ɛ/ as in elephant, ĭ, pronounced /ɪ/ as in insect, ŏ, pronounced /ɒ/ as in octopus, ŭ, pronounced /ʌ/ as in umbrella.


            • vowels
      2. Phonology
        1. Humans have different accents
          1. Phonology studies the speech sound in a particular language
            1. EXAMPLE. The movements the body goes through in order to create sounds - such as the pronounciation of the letter "t" in "bet," where the vocal chords stop vibrating causing the "t" sound to be a result of the placement of the tongue behind the teeth and the flow of air.
      3. Variation
        1. Characteristic of language.
          1. There is more than one way of saying the same thing.
            1. Accent
              1. Lexicon
                1. Morphology and Syntax
                2. EXAMPLE. The optional pronunciation of -ing at the end of a word as -in', as in "I kept walkin'"
                3. The International Phonetic Alphabet
                  1. Alphabetic system
                    1. Based on the Latin alphabet
                      1. That standardized a representation of the sounds of spoken language
                    2. Represent qualities like
                      1. phones, phonemes, intonation, and the separation of words and syllables
                      2. IPA symbols
                        1. Letters A,b,c,f,u, etc.
                          1. Diacritics ´ ˝ ` ̏ ˘ ̑ ˇ ¸ ˆ , etc.
                            1. /tʃ/, [d̰], etc.
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