The Carolingian Empire

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It's a mind map about the Carolingian Empire it has the nivel of 2 ESO

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The Carolingian Empire
1 before it was a Frankish kingdom
1.1 In the 8th century its real rulers were
1.1.1 the mayors of the place Mayor Charles Martel King Pepin the Short


  • Charles martel's son Charlemagne


  • Pepin the short's son Battle of Poitiers (732)
2 Charlemagne
2.1 He defeated the pagan Saxons and forced them to become Christians
2.2 He conquered
2.2.1 Lombard Kingdom (Italy)
2.2.2 The north of the iberian Peninsula
2.3 Tha Carolingian empire took its name of him
3 it was organised by
3.1 Counties
3.1.1 they were administrative units ruled by counts
3.2 Missi dominici
3.2.1 (lord's messengers) they were royal inspectors who controlled regional administration
3.3 Marches
3.3.1 they were well-defended border regions
4 the division of the empire
4.1 Treaty of Verdun (843)
4.1.1 the Empire was divided into three parts the rulers were Charlemagne's grand sons Charles the Bald in the west Kingdom of France Louis the German in the east Holy Roman Empire (German) Lothair in the centre He is going to die so their brothers are going to divide him Empire
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