Five steps to increase productivity of learning & education by 500%

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Five steps to increase productivity of learning & education by 500%
  1. Flipmapp story
    1. Teach English at LP4Y
      1. Developed lessons aim to be different from traditional methods
        1. A new & aasy way to produce mind map, flash cards & quizzes
          1. Inspired by Ted Talk
          2. Problems identified
            1. Curriculum are exam focused
              1. Encourage conformity to standards
                1. Purpose of learning is to pass exams
                  1. Big Gaps
                    1. Learners forget most of what they learn
                      1. Expensive, exclusive & inaccessible
                        1. Irrelevant & obsolete curriculum
                          1. Many dropout students
                        2. Solutions
                          1. Free education movement
                            1. Create & support
                              1. Educators : aware, motivated & rewarded
                                1. Values based education
                                  1. Knowledge resources sharing model
                                    1. Learners : Quick ROI on education
                                    2. Focus of learning is mastery & success in life & career
                                      1. Leverage use of web & mobile technologies
                                      2. Theoretical foundations of Flipmapp system
                                        1. Defining learning & productivity
                                          1. Quantifiable definition of learning productivity
                                            1. 5 Steps to improve learning
                                            2. A simple Guide on How to use Flipmapp
                                              1. Benefits & features of using Flipmapp
                                                1. Help us focus on registering key points & questions we need to memorize
                                                  1. Very easy, simple and natural to use
                                                    1. System helps us save and accumulate new knowledge securely & continuously
                                                      1. Set priorty & reminders for review and recall
                                                        1. Allow instructors to control flow of self paced learning
                                                          1. Allow collaborative learning and sharing of learning resources
                                                            1. Quick ROI on learning
                                                            2. Make mind maps, flash cards & quizzes highlighting text in different colors
                                                              1. Bird's eye view of key notes
                                                                1. Add & improve learning resources & knowledge as a continuous process
                                                                  1. Test recall to strengthen memory with quizzes
                                                                    1. Knowledge bank structure : Benefits of organizing learning resources with a well defined structure
                                                                      1. Advantages of manual and digital books & notepads
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