Abu Dhabi

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Abu Dhabi
1 Culture
1.1 They have a diverse and multicultural society. The habitants of this city are very respectful with the religious custom and traditions. The Arabs give a lot of importance to the home, that´s why it is forbidden to enter to the house with the shoes on.
2 Economy
2.1 Abu Dhabi owns the mayority of theses resources: (95% of petrolium an 92% of gas). Is the richest emirate of the United Arab Emirates. And also, It plays an important role in the world economy.
3 Tourism
3.1 In Abu Dhabi tourism is something special that is lived like no other part of the world. This city, the capital of the United Arab Emirates, has in recent years become a benchmark for travelers seeking the most spectacular luxury. Look where you look, you will be surprised by the most incredible wealth.
4 Important places
4.1 Abu dhabi count with too much important and tourist places like Yas Islands, Ferrari world, Emirates Palace hotel and the most important one: "Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque"
4.1.1 Ferrari world It´s an attraction park dedicated to ferrari, and it is ubicated Yas islands Sheikh Zayed Grand Mozque It´s an attraction very beautiful is the mezquita, the name its in honor to the first persident to Arab Emirates United, and he died in 1950. Yas marine Circuit It´s a racing circuit that was built on Yas Island To celebrate the Grand premium. Emirates palace hotel It´s an hotel, and it´s the most important in this city that. the cost of one night is 19million of pesos.
5 Food
5.1 They have food of many places, like: China, India, Italy, and other places. Some dishes are: Mongolian Cauldron, Noodles, Falafel, Prawns, Paella. And many other important dishes, of many places.
6 History
6.1 Abu Dhabi is full of archeological evidence that points to civilizations, such as the Umm an-Nar Culture, having been located there from the third millennium BCE. It account with an urban development characterized by the abundance of resources based on petrodollars. And account a history of development uncommon in the whole world
7 Why Abu Dhabi
7.1 Because in arabic language this mean "Gazelle father" (the father of all the gazeells)
7.1.1 (Father)البطاطس(Gazeels)الغزلان=Abu Dhabi
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