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    1. Catholic Hapsburgs VS German Protestants
      1. Thirty years War
        1. Religious and Political conflict
          1. Obligated Catlan people to quarter soldiers on their houses, some of them were disrespectful or killed locals
            1. This sparked the Catalonian Revolt
          2. Fernando II stopped respecting the peace of Aubsburg
            1. Protestants revolted
            2. Dutch wanted to independence from Spain and France allied with the protestants
            3. ABSOLUTE MONARCHS
              1. The power struggels between the monarchs and the regions
                1. Dominant political system
                  1. Divine Rights of Kings
                    1. All power with no limitation
                      1. Louis XIV (sun king)
                      2. ENGLISH CIVIL WAR
                        1. Origins: Charles I wanted to be an Absolute Monarch
                          1. Parliament rebelled
                            1. Charles I executed
                          2. Cromwell comes to power (dictatorship)
                            1. Glorious Revollution: Mary took the throne agreeing to govern with the parliament
                              1. Bill of Rights: Monarchs were obligated to govern with the parliament laws
                              2. MERCANTILISM
                                1. Econimic theory countrys worth is measured in the precious metals they had
                                  1. Lower imports and Increase exports
                                    1. Favorable balance of trade
                                    2. This lead to the creation of manufacturing industries
                                      1. Mercantilism politically, it strengthened the power of the absolute monarchs but created rivallities
                                        1. Dominant economic system
                                          1. Contradicted Absolute Monarchs beacause they said that the power had to be shared with the parliament
                                          2. ARCHIRECTURE AND ART
                                            1. Grandiose and dramatic
                                              1. Protestant disagreed with the images of God, the virgin and the saints
                                                1. They made their churches simple
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