The verb to be

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contiene la conjugación del verbo to be en ingles.

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The verb to be
  1. Positive
    1. I am
      1. You are
        1. He is
          1. She is
            1. It is
              1. We are
                1. They are
                2. Negative
                  1. I am not
                    1. You are not
                      1. He is not
                        1. She is not
                          1. It is not
                            1. We are not
                              1. They are not
                              2. Interrogative
                                1. Am I ?
                                  1. Are you ?
                                    1. Is he ?
                                      1. Is she ?
                                        1. Is it ?
                                          1. Are we ?
                                            1. Are they ?
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