Levels of mind (Freud)

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Description of the id, ego and superego

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Levels of mind (Freud)
1 Different levels of consciousness
1.1 Hidden mental processes in unconscious determine choices and decisions
1.1.1 No free will
1.2 Much of our thinking takes place at an unconscious level
2 3 levels
2.1 Conscious
2.1.1 Accessible to all
2.1.2 Thoughts and feelings
2.1.3 Things currently thinking about
2.1.4 Direct awareness of these thoughts and experiences, e.g. if hungry get food
2.2 Preconscious
2.2.1 Thoughts emerging from unconscious
2.2.2 Not directly aware of things here but they can easily be retrieved, e.g. birth date Retrieval through recall and recognition
2.2.3 Things here may be filtered to be socially acceptable
2.2.4 No direct awareness
2.2.5 Represents most of long-term memory
2.2.6 Includes memories of experiences
3 Unconscious
3.1 Inaccessible/very difficult to access without therapy
3.1.1 Particularly accessed through dream interpretation Source of dreams, which usually come from early childhood conflicts Free association
3.2 Information about very emotional past experiences/trauma
3.2.1 Repressed memories pushed here to allow everyday functioning
3.3 Significant psychic events with symbolic importance
3.4 Instincts, drives and desires as well as pre-verbal memories
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