The Spanish War of Independence

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The Spanish War of Independence
  1. All Starts with the treaty of Fontainebleau (1807)
    1. Which allowed the French to cross Spain in order to invade Portugal
      1. But Napoleon took advantage and invade some parts of Spain
        1. As a consequece Godoy, tries to move the royal Family to Sevilla to scape to Latin America
          1. Godoy was Carlos IV's most important minister, considered an "afrancesado"
            1. This provoked The Aranjuez revolt in March 1808
              1. Carlos IV and his son Fernando VII moved to Bayonne, they rennounced to the Throne of Spain, which Napoleon gave to his brother
                1. Who was Joshep Bonaparte, also known by the spanish people as Pepe Botella
                  1. He imposed the Bayonne constitution: That included Enlightenment reforms, as the equality, payment of taxes, abolished the Spanish Inquisition.....
                    1. But the Spanish people didn't support him
                      1. So, the 2 of May of 1808 people in Madrid rose up against the French ocuppation.
                        1. The war starts
                          1. In 1808 Spain won some battles as Bailén
                            1. From 1808-1812 Napoleon arrives to Spain, the french ocuppied all except Cadiz and the Guerrilla Warfare began
                              1. The central council moved to Cadiz and formed the Cadiz Cortes, that made in 1812 The FIrst Spanish Constitution
                                1. The constitution also known as La Pepa wanted: Constitutional monarchy,Separation of powers,Catholicism as the official religion,liberty and freedom and a limited male suffrage
                              2. From 1812-1813 Spain allies with Great Britain, led by the Duke of Wellingtong.
                                1. FInally Napoleon was defeated in 1813 and he signed the Treaty of Valençay and Fernando VII became kinG
                                  1. This put and end to
            2. Had very devastating consequences
              1. Cities were destroyed
                1. Agriculture was abandoned
                  1. Almost a million of people died
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