Globalization, Opportunities and Challenges

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Globalization, Opportunities and Challenges
1 Topic I - Peace in and Interdependent World
1.1 Power
1.1.1 Ability to control the decisions of other individual
1.2 Solutions to the common-goods-problem
1.2.1 Dominance
1.2.2 Reciprocity
1.2.3 Identity
1.3 Models of International Relations
1.3.1 Idealism Ideas Liberty Dignity Equality Behavior Levels of analysis Human nature Compasion Collaboration Ethics States Welfare Progress Global System Reorganization Democratic governance Power of ideas and ideals
1.3.2 Realism No systems Religious Ideological Paradigm Self Help Politics are essential Self Interest States Assumptions Selfish People Eradication of instinct powers Economics less relevant
1.4 Levels of Analysis in International Relations
1.4.1 Individual Single Person
1.4.2 Domestic Groups
1.4.3 Interstate States, countries.
1.4.4 Global It affects a big part of the world
1.5 Conflicts and Categories
1.5.1 Ideas National / Ethnic Ideological Religious
1.5.2 Interest Territorial Economical Governamental
1.6 Religious fundamentalism
1.6.1 Religious movement very strict to their religious text.
1.7.1 Location Principally Middle East, but is a global problem
1.7.2 Actors ISIS, Government of Syria, and the International Coalition.
1.7.3 Reach Attracts followers by using social media
2 Topic III - Human Geography: Equity and Demographics
2.1 Demographics
2.1.1 Study of a population based on different factors
2.1.2 Factors Age, sex, income level, religion , death and birth rate, occupation, education level, etc.
2.2 Population Pyramids
2.2.1 Graphs that show the age-sex distribution of a given population.
2.3 Ethnicity vs Race
2.3.1 Ethnicity Cultural
2.3.2 Race Genetical
2.4 Cultural Patterns
2.4.1 Religion Set of beliefs and practices agreed by a group of persons
2.4.2 Language System of communication
2.5 Equity vs Equality
2.5.1 EQUITY: receive what you need.
2.5.2 EQUALITY: everyone receives the same
2.6 Poverty
2.6.1 Not having money to cover your basic needs.
2.7 Migration
2.7.1 Push Conflict, war, famine, or extreme religious activity.
2.7.2 Pull Better economic opportunities, more jobs, and better life
2.8 Florida's Masacre
2.8.1 When: June 12, 2016
2.8.2 Where: Florida, Pulse Night Club
2.8.3 Who made it: The ISIL
2.8.4 Against LGBT community members
3 Topic IV - Geopolitics: Building Global Democracies
3.1 Globalization
3.1.1 Opportunities Increases freedom Empowers generation of wealth
3.1.2 Challenges Workers need to learn new skills
3.2 NeoLiberalism
3.2.1 Transfers the control of economic factors to the private sector
3.3 Democracy
3.3.1 Government were people make the decisions
3.3.2 Supreme Power = People
3.4 Dignity
3.4.1 Quality of being worthy, receive respect.
3.5 SDG's
3.6 Information revolution
3.6.1 People is able to learn more, by using internet
3.7 USA’s 2016 elections
3.7.1 The night of November the 8th of 2016 Donald trump won the USA election with a total 290 electoral votes. Donald Trump used terror and racism during his political campaign to convince people he would #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
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