Strands of Feminism - Mind Map

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Strands of Feminism - Mind Map
1 Marxist
1.1 Combines key concepts of patriarchy with Marxism
1.2 Women's oppression is a symptom of a more fundimental form of oppression - CAPITALISM
1.3 The role of women in the familyserves the interests of the economy and the ruling class
2 Radical
2.1 Society is patriarchal and biased towards men
2.2 Do not think lobbying will bring equality
2.3 Men use aggression to control women and thus maintain their dominant position
2.4 Highlights dark side of family life
3 Liberal
3.1 Equality can be brought about through legal reform
3.2 Men need to be educated of women's potential
3.3 Advocating changing the system from within (lobbying and protesting)
4 Black
4.1 Argue that "white feminists" have ignored the position of black women
4.2 Black women face dual oppression due to racism in white society and patriarchy
4.3 Ignores similarities between ethnic groups