Late Modern English (1700-1960ish)

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Mind Map of the change through frameworks of LME

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Late Modern English (1700-1960ish)
  1. Key Dates, People, Events etc
    1. Standardisation
      1. 1755 Samuel Johnson publishes first English Dictionary
        1. regional differences lessen
          1. Covert Prestige
        2. Jane Austen
          1. Growth in education
            1. sense of class divide increased
            2. Industrial Revolution (about 1760 onwards)
              1. sense of prestige and class heightened
              2. Expansion of British Empire
                1. English becomes international language
                  1. America established as a superpower
              3. Lexis
                1. Informalisation
                  1. Neologisms for describing the new technologies and scientific discoveries
                    1. Americanisms
                      1. Borrowed Terms
                        1. Polysyllabic Lexis
                        2. Semantics
                          1. Semantic change to describe the new technologies and scientific discoveries
                          2. Grammar
                            1. Regularization
                              1. Complex grammatical structures
                                1. use of subordinate clauses
                              2. Syntax
                                1. Regularization
                                2. Orthography
                                  1. Standard spellings
                                    1. prestige attached
                                    2. Influence of technology e.g. texting


                                    3. Graphology
                                      1. Plainer, simpler style
                                        1. Colour printing
                                        2. Phonology
                                          1. More standardised, converge to RP
                                            1. Covert Prestige
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