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1 Abraham
1.1 A great man who introduced the "single god" believes to others
1.2 Following the God's instruction, he migrated the hebrews to the promised land "Canaan"
1.3 He obeyed the god, and becomes the father of the hebrews
1.3.1 From the name "Abram", he got a new name "Abraham" meaning the father of many
2 Moses
2.1 The Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians, so a great leader called Moses rescued them, by freeing them.
2.2 God gave Moses the laws and teachings that became the foundation of Judaism, called the "ten commandments"
2.2.1 Ten commandments= The right and wrong rules for the Hebrews
3 David
3.1 He united the Israelites into a single nation known as Israel.
3.1.1 He created a strong central government and gave the new kingdom its own army, courts, and officials.
4 Solomon
4.1 He built the first temple in jerusalem, this was important so that the citizens would have a place to pray
4.1.1 He strengthened the kingdom by trading with nearby countries, for example he developed industries such as copper mining
4.2 David
4.2.1 David's son is Solomon
5 Christianity
5.1 Judea
5.1.1 The birthplace of Christianity
5.1.2 In 63 B.C.E, It was part of the Roman territory at the eastern end of the medditerranean sea
5.1.3 It was once ruled by King David and Solomon
5.1.4 David
5.1.5 Herod He was appointed by the Romes to become the king Judea by 37 B.C.E He dies in 4 B.C.E Replaced with military GOvernors that ensures the Judeans to pay taxes Even though he wasn't a full Jewish, but he practiced the religion and rebuilt the temple. But the Jews still dislike him.
5.1.6 They read prophecies and hope that one day a "messiah" would come and restore the kingdom of david Messiah=The chosen one by god
5.1.7 Jesus Jesus's birth occurred around 6 B.C.E Jesus's accounts of life are recorded by the Gospels He studied about the Jewish laws during his childhood Age of 12, he started teaching others about the laws and his wisdom Age od 30, he was identified as a Messiah by a baptist named John As he gain more crowd when he preaches, he began doing that in a more public area He calls his followers diciples Final meal with his disciples, he got betrayed by one of his followers by being reported with his location Due to the fact that he had many followers, and will become a threat to the Romans, he had to be killed He was crucified three days later Jesus rose from the dead and then appeared to his disciples convinced Jesus's disciples that he was the Son of God. Paul Important to Christianity Saw a vision of jesus It changed his life and began the duty of a missionary Missionary=A person who converts others to religion Made many conversions throughout his life Beheaded at 65 C.E
5.2 The Romans tried being nicer to them
5.2.1 but they still refused to believe in severals of gods As population grows of Christians Becomes threat to Romans and was declared illegal religion Kills them in a painful way Instead of destroying religion, they earned more followers due to their bravery in death Constantine day before battle, he dream't of jesus telling him to follow the religion for victory Because of that, he won a great victory Gave Christianity freedom
5.3 380 C.E, Christianity becomes the official religion of the Roman empire
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