Monotheistic Religions

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Monotheistic religions of Judaism and Christianity

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Monotheistic Religions
  1. Abraham
    1. Abraham made a covenant with God.
      1. God promised to make Abram the father of a great nation of people.
        1. He introduced the belief of a single God.
        2. Moses
          1. Moses led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt
            1. God gave Moses the 10 commanments
              1. Moses gave Judaism some of its most fundamental laws and teachings
              2. King David and Solomon
                1. King Solomon is the son of King David
                  1. They built Israel and the first temple.
                    1. When King David was little he killed the giant Goliath with a sling shot
                      1. They made major contributions to Judaism
                        1. King David made Jerusalem the holy city
                          1. Solomon built the great First Temple
                        2. The Torah
                          1. Has written records and teachings of Jews
                          2. Monotheistic Religion
                            1. Christianity
                              1. Jesus
                                1. He was born around 6 B.C.E.
                                  1. Jesus began preaching in Galilee, an area in present-day Israel.
                                    1. His disciples were mostly commeners
                                      1. He liked to teach through parables which are short stories
                                      2. His crusification and ressurection
                                        1. The Romans feared he might start a revolt because he had so many followers
                                          1. They nailed him to a cross and left him to die. Three days later he rose from the dead.
                                      3. Paul The Missionary
                                        1. People that were Jews transfered to Christianity.
                                          1. Paul was devoted to spreading the things Jesus taught
                                            1. For 2 years he traveled around and spread christianity. He made new churches and converted people.
                                          2. Christianity Spreads
                                            1. By around 60 C.E, Christianity was being noticed by the Romans and the Romans made it illegal because Christians refused to worship other gods and they didn't want to fight in the war.
                                              1. Because Christians didn't want to worship the other Roman's gods, they were sentenced to be crucified, or burned alive, or be eaten alive.
                                              2. They gained new followers by facing death bravely and they offered people in the empire purpose and hope.
                                                1. In 300 C.E, there were millions of Christians resided in the Roman areas like Europe, North Africa, and western Asia.
                                                2. In 313 C.E., Constantine announced the Edict of Milan in which he made Christianity not illegal so they could practice their religion openly.
                                                  1. In 380, Christianity was the official religion of the Roman Empire..
                                                3. Gospels
                                                  1. Gospel Luke describes his birth
                                                    1. Jesus's mother Mary was told my an angel to have a child and name him Jesus
                                                      1. Emperor Augustus ordered a head count of all the people in the Empire. Everyone was supposed to go back to where they were born. Mary's husband, a carpenter named Joseph, went from Nazareth to his hometown of Bethlehem, in the territory of Judea. Mary went with him and gave birth to Jesus there in Bethlehem.
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