System Software and Security

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GCSE Computing Mind Map on System Software and Security, created by Keir Clarke on 12/01/2016.

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System Software and Security
1 Lesson 1 Network Threats


  • Lesson One: Time to go through PowerPoint: 30th November 2016 to 1st December 2016 
1.1 Cyber Attacks
1.1.1 Malware
1.1.2 Phishing This is one way of Social Engineering, which involves weird Emails that Scam you into giving away your Username, Email, Address, Contact Details, Passwords, and So on.
1.1.3 Brute Force
1.1.4 SQL Injections
1.1.5 Denial of Service
1.1.6 Data Interception and Theft
1.1.7 Poor Network Policy
1.1.8 Social Engineering This Technique is known to work for people who are 'conned' into giving their Usernames and Passwords by Emails that may have Urgency in them (See Notes for Example)


  • Dear Customer, It seems that some one may be using your account, please log in to confirm your Identity by clicing this link Spelling and Grammar Mistakes and Weird Links can be seen. However, Hackers may go to great lengths to persuade you!! Contact the Company if you are unsure!
1.1.9 Shoulder Surfing People do this to steal people's Pin Numbers for Bank Accounts and Such. This is another Social Engineering Strategy
2 Lesson 2 Identifying and Preventing Vulnerabilities
2.1 Penetration Testing
2.2 Black and White Box Testing
2.3 Ethical Hacking
2.3.1 The Colour Hat Hackers White Hats Black Hats Grey Hats
2.4 Audit Trails
2.5 Network Relatencies
2.5.1 Network Forensics
2.5.2 Network Policies
2.6 Acceptable Use Policies (AUP)
2.8 Computer Protection Software
2.8.1 Anti - Malware
2.8.2 Firewalls
2.9 Proxy Servers
2.10 Data Intercepting
2.11 Encryption
3 Lesson 3 Operating System Software
3.1 User Interface
3.1.1 Graphical User Interface (GUI)
3.1.2 Menu Driven Interface
3.1.3 Command Line Interface (CLI)
3.1.4 Voice Activated Interface
3.1.5 Real Time Interface
3.1.6 Windows, Icons, Menus and Pointers Interface (WIMP)
3.1.7 Task Manager Multi-Tasking
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