Mother Earth

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A qui te os dejo las formas que contaminamos las soluciones y los problemas pero en INGLESH

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Mother Earth
1 In the sea:
1.1 Problems:
1.1.1 -We throw a lot of trash - The oil boats count a lot
1.2 Solutions:
1.2.1 - We have to throw the trash to the bin and no to te sea - We can transport the oil in another way
2 In te air:
2.1 Problems:
2.1.1 - We polluted a lot we the cars - With the tabacco smoke the air is allso polluted
2.2 Solutions:
2.2.1 - Use more the publoc transport
2.2.2 - A solution for the tabacco would be to stop smoking because it also damages the lungs
3 In the floor
3.1 Problems:
3.1.1 We polluted throwing trash to the ground like on te beaches
3.1.2 - The fires also pollute the earth
3.2 Solutions:
3.2.1 - We can put more bins and throw the trash in the corresponding bin
4 other forms that we pollut:
4.1 Problems:
4.1.1 - Waiting for the hot water in the shower and have a shower for long time
4.1.2 - With the lights we polluted
4.2 Solutions:
4.2.1 - WE have to have a shower in a short time
4.2.2 - Turn off the ligths that we don't need
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