Speech Community

Eider Azpiroz Loidi
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Eider Azpiroz Loidi
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Mind map about the definition of speech community and examples of it.

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Speech Community
  1. Sociolinguistics
    1. Flexible and abstract: not necessarily corresponds with political boundaries, religions or cultures. They are groups that share at least one language or variety (job, age, gender...)
    2. General linguistics
      1. People that share the same language or dialect in a specific setting that can be close (city, neighbourhood, country...)
      2. Does not need to be monolingual
        1. Major types
          1. Diglossic
            1. 2 languages or varieties are functionally complementary: formal and colloquial contexts. Often interwined with bilingualism.
            2. Multilingual
              1. More than 2 official languages, although one is taken as "official" for practical purposes
              2. Bilingual
                1. Two languages with official status where there would be monolingual or bilingual zones
                2. Monolingual
                  1. One official language (could be different dialects, registers or styles)
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