Little Bird Tales

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How to use little bird tales app

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Little Bird Tales
1 Decription of the Project
1.1 For this project, We have been discussing, in my first grade intervention class, about writing. In our writing, we have been working on our stories having a beginning, middle, and end. When looking for a digital tool to use with my students, I came across little bird tales. What drew me to Little Bird Tales were that the students could record themselves telling the story. When we do our writing, my student are extremely hung up on spelling words correctly. With this app, they do not have to worry about their spelling. I feel since they do not have to worry about their spelling so much they are much more able to express themselves in their story.
2 Demonstration
2.1 click on paper clip in top left corner of this box for a short video


3 How and why I used Little Bird Tales
3.1 The main reason why I used Little Bird Tales was that my students were able to record themselves telling their story. When my students and I work on writing, spelling is a major hold back. Even when I tell them to not worry about spelling just focus on expressing yourself and your story, I can tell that when they can't spell a word correctly they are holding back what they really want to say. Now I believe being able to spell correctly is extremely important, but being in this class and program, I understand that for ELs spelling is not the most important thing to focus on while writing.
3.2 I started out with letting the students just explore the app and see what it could do. Now I should not have done this and I will tell you why. I found that it worked much better when we did a story step by step all together. I was hung up on giving my students choice and I did later! But when you first start, do lessons together. Choice will come later when they learn how to actually use the app.
4 How students used and reacted to Little Bird Tales
4.1 My students LOVED working with the Ipads and using Little Bird Tales. If I had one piece of advice for anyone using this app with first graders, it is please allow up to a week of everyday use for them to learn how the app works. I have my first graders for 30 minutes every morning and it took us 30 minutes just to do a title page. Now keep in mind that once they learn it is smooth sailing. Now I know that my academic vocabulary in this presentation may not be adequate, but whoever is reading this in interest of using this app I want to be able help you the best I can. I could tell which of my students had used an Ipad and which had not. My EL student was very excited about using the Ipad. When I explained to the students about how the would be able to tell their story rather than type or write it down they were much more relaxed. They did not have to worry of spelling correctly holding them back.
5 What I learned....From this project I learned that I am not the best at using academic vocuabulary, Nor am I made to be a classroom teacher. I am a P.E. teacher. But from this project I am learning to help my students. And no matter what grade I recieve I believe I earned an A. Having my students not to be judged by how they spell and right but solely by their imagination is somehting I wish I had the opportunity to do. The look on my students face as their story was watched by their principal and teacher is how I know that I, and them, succeeded in this project.
5.1 Goals/Objectives : My student to be able to freely express themselves in their story without having the worry of spelling correctly. They will also be able to develop their story having a beginning, middle, and ending.
5.1.1 Writing Development:I believe this is an excellent digital tool for allowing EL/EB to express themselves. My student's also came up with their own rubric. I suggested that it consist of three different guidelines. They decided that the project need to have a capital letter on the title page, the story should have a beginning, middle, and end, and that the project should be your very best work Reading Development: For this project, I believe it was more writing based, but I do think that there are many ways to incorperate reading development. For example, higher level grades could write their own story, not recording themselves, then share it with other classmates to read.
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