School Prayer: A Community at War

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School Prayer: A Community at War
1 NO this film is not objective
1.1 The film didn't do an excellent job of showing the opinions of both sides of the argument, it focused more on the side of the mom and her family than the side of the school.


  • Grunberg, S. (Director) (1999). School prayer: A community at war [Theater].
1.1.1 The film portrayed the Christian viewpoint of the school as somewhat uneducated and highly discriminatory, and didn't show the pro sides to their argument. Some of the citizens of the town were hateful and threatening like the video portrayed, but many of them were not. It seemed that the video over highlighted the struggles of the family in comparison to any others that might have occurred. The film provided a greater amount of backstory to the family, including following their lives at home and describing the difficulties they faced going out in the town. Other than interviewing members of the other side of the debate, the film didn't show any personal reasons for the debate on the side of the people fighting to keep prayer in the schools.
2 Parent Conversation
2.1 The first thing I would do is to schedule the conference that the parent wanted and we would discuss the issue and hear her opinions.
2.1.1 We would try and figure out if there was a way for her child to have time to himself to engage in personal prayer that didn't interfere with class time and the school rules. As a teacher I would try my best to come up with a solution that would please the parent, but at the same time remind them of the illegal manner of prayer in schools. To make the parent feel heard I would tell them that I would ask to have a meeting with other teachers and members of the community to discuss the issue and see what we could do. Even if it doesn't prove to be effective, showing the effort will make the parent feel like I as a teacher legitimately care about the issue at hand. I would report back to the parent that while we cannot make an exception for their child to have an official time of prayer in school because it is illegal, they are free to engage in their own personal prayer in school. I would hope that the parent would appreciate my attempt and accept the school's rule and I would leave the situation at that.


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