The Manhunt-key quotation analysis (GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE)

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GCSE GCSE English Literature Mind Map on The Manhunt-key quotation analysis (GCSE ENGLISH LITERATURE), created by Graceannx on 04/05/2014.

Created by Graceannx over 5 years ago
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A sweating un exploded mine, buried deep in his mind
1 Mine and mind are half rhyming
1.1 This represents the discordant nature of not only the poem but their relationship also.
1.1.1 <--- connects to
2 ultimately The "un-exploded mine will explode and lead to death, this creates a tense atmosphere and a sense of holding back as the narrator is being very careful and cautious.
3 The word "sweating" sugggests...
3.1 Out of breath, tired, been running from it a long time
3.2 Hot and uncomfortable
3.3 personifies the mine
3.3.1 dangerous
3.3.2 next stanza half rhyme closed and close same as the mine and mine. The mind is closed as the husband is trying to protect the narrator from the mine and keep her close to him.

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