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I mind map about the reset API.

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1 Check if the account is undefined
1.1 If is undefined, return { status : 'unsuccessful', message: 'The account is undefined' } with error code 400.
1.2 If is defined checking if is email or username.
1.2.1 If is email, try to find the account with this email. If the account exists, put the account to reset mode. and return { status: 'successful', message: 'You have successful request a reset to this account' } with code 200. If the account not exists, return { status : 'unsuccessful', message: 'This account not exists' } with error code 400.
1.2.2 If is username, try to find the account with this username.
1.2.3 If is not username or email, return { status : 'unsuccessful', message: 'The parameter is not email or username' } with error code 400.
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