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  1. Physical Activity:
    1. Add at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week.
      1. Add at least 75 minutes of vigorous or strong physical activity.
        1. Do muscle strengthening activities at least twice a week.
          1. Limit time spent watching TV, internet or video games less than 2 hours a day.
            1. Avoid using motorized transport, look for the way to transport yourself.
              1. Prevent the potential risks of physical activity.
              2. Healthy Weight:
                1. Evaluate your weight.
                  1. Maintain a healthy weight.
                  2. Healthy Eating:
                    1. Characteristics that must have a healthy diet: Complete, Balanced, Sufficient, Safe and Adequate.
                      1. Eat varied and nutritious foods daily.
                        1. Do not eat as much fat.
                          1. Consume 3 fruits daily.
                            1. Discover the adventure of vegetables.
                              1. Avoid drinking sugary drinks.
                              2. Handwashing:
                                1. Keep your hands clean, wash them constantly with soap and / or gel.
                                  1. Clean hands interrupt the transmission of diseases.
                                    1. Avoid kissing or using your hand when you have a cold.
                                      1. Sneeze on a handkerchief to prevent it from infecting other people.
                                      2. Oral, visual and hearing health:
                                        1. A quiet environment guarantees a safe hearing.
                                          1. Consult your dentist at least 2 times a year.
                                            1. Eat properly to protect your eyesight.
                                              1. Let your eyes rest.
                                                1. Avoid constant exposure to loud or continuous noises.
                                                2. If you stop smoking today
                                                  1. You will have less risk of having a heart attack.
                                                    1. You will start to feel smells and tastes better.
                                                      1. In 1 month increase your physical capacity.
                                                        1. In 1 year you will have a 50% less chance of suffering heart attacks.
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