Water Transport in plants.


Flow chart/diagram of transport of water in plants
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Water Transport in plants.
  1. Water begins by moving into the root hair cells via osmosis down a water potential gradient.
    1. Ions move in by active transport.
      1. Ions move with water by either the symplast or apoplast pathway.
        1. Symplast pathway: Movement through cell cytoplasm
          1. Apoplast pathway: Movement through cell walls.
            1. Travel down a water potential gradient through pathways via osmosis along the cortex until reaching the endodermis where apoplast is restricted so all water and ions must enter cytoplasm.
              1. Apoplast is restricted by casparian strip (waterproof strip)
                1. Ions are then actively transported into xylem to lower water potential to allow water to travel through via osmosis
                  1. water creates hydrostatic pressure which helps push it up the xylem
                    1. Xylem - cells with broken down horizontal cell walls strengthened by lignin to make thick hollow 'pipes'
                      1. Water is pulled up via tension of the continuous unbroken column of water due to hydrogen bonds occuring between molecules
                        1. This is mass/bulk transport
                          1. To reach the leaf osmosis occurs via apoplast or symplast pathways and then transpiration occurs.
                            1. Transpiration: Evapouration from the surface of mesophyll cells into air spaces then diffusion out through open stomata.
                              1. Lost water is then replaced by adjacent cells via pathways, so more water is pulled from xylem to replace loss and repeats.
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