AQA Sociology- Education (Social Class)

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internal and external factors

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AQA Sociology- Education (Social Class)
1 External Factors
1.1 Cultural deprivation
1.1.1 language (Bernstein) elaborated speech code middle class advantage because its used by teachers, exams and textbooks restricted speech code working class underachieve because they have limited vocabulary and feel excluded
1.1.2 subculture values (Hyman & Sugarman) W/C attitudes fatalism collectivism immediate gratification present time oreintation M/C attitudes self control individualism deferred gratification future time orientated
1.1.3 Bordieu: cultural and economic capital advantages for M/C children
1.1.4 A lack of knowledge, attitudes and languages required to succeed in education
1.2 Material deprivation
1.2.1 A lack of money to buy resources and to have a decent standard of living
1.2.2 statistics: Flaherty: money problems within the family where a significant factor in younger children's school non-attendence truancy and exclusion more likely for children that are deprived, truants usually leave school early with no qualifications nearly 90% of failing schools are located in deprived areas
1.2.3 Howard: poverty and poor diet
1.2.4 Wilkinson: poor homes and hyperactivity
1.2.5 bill: cost of education
1.2.6 Marketisation & Parental choice (gerwitz) choosers
1.2.7 compensatory education operation head start (USA) sure start (UK)
2 Internal Factors
2.1 labelling theory; interactionism (Becker)
2.1.1 interviewed 60 chicago high school
2.1.2 ideal pupil
2.1.3 self fulfilling prophecy
2.1.4 keddie: unequal access to classroom knowledge
2.1.5 rosenthal and jackobson : teachers expectation
2.1.6 rist: labelling primary schools
2.2 pupil subcultures
2.2.1 lacey:diferentiation, polarisation
2.2.2 balls: setting and streaming
2.3 hargreaves: pro school subculture and anti-school subculture
2.4 banding,setting and streaming; becker, douglas and hargreaves
2.5 marketisation and selection policies
2.5.1 bartlett: cream skimming and silt shifting
2.5.2 gillborn and youdell: the A-C economy triage system
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