The Important Vs The Urgent (tasks)

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Prioritizing tasks at hand allows us to handle the seemingly complex mixture of school work and our personal goals.

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The Important Vs The Urgent (tasks)
  1. Completing the task will lead to an eventual goal that is of core importance?
    1. No it does not
      1. Is there a deadline to the task? or does it require immediate attention?
        1. 4) There's a deadline. I need to plan steadily to complete the task
          1. 1) This is an urgent task (though it might not be important), I should address this in order to proceed with important tasks
        2. Yes It Will
          1. Completing the important task has an impact for (team members/project members) and subsequent events are dependent on this? Or is this a personal goal?
            1. 2) Task is important and urgent (as time and people depends on its completion). Plan and prioritize this task in order to achieve the best end results
              1. 3) Task is important to you but not currently urgent and the task has no consequences on other people. Carefully consider the task and systematically set achievable milestones in order to achieve your goal
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