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1 Characteristics
1.1 Learned
1.2 Aesthetically pleasing
1.3 Consistent
1.4 Efficient
1.5 Fluent
1.6 Accurate
1.7 Controlled
1.8 Economical
2 Classification
2.1 Gross-Fine
2.1.1 Gross: lots of muscles, large movement.
2.1.2 Fine: few muscles, little movement
2.2 Self-Externally paced
2.2.1 self: determined by you
2.2.2 Externally: not by you
2.3 Open-Closed
2.3.1 Open: changing environment
2.3.2 Closed: stable environment
2.4 Simple-Complex
2.4.1 Simple: little decisions
2.4.2 Complex: many decisions
2.5 Low-High
2.5.1 Low: Broken down easily
2.5.2 High: Can't be broken down
2.6 Discrete-Serial-Continuous
2.6.1 Discrete: clear start and end
2.6.2 Serial: discrete combined
2.6.3 Continuous: no clear star and end
3 Knapps Definition
3.1 A learned ability to bring about a pre-determined outcome with maximum efficiency and consistency
4 Abilities underpin all skills
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