2. Egyptain Medicine

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Facts about Egyptain Medicine. Comment below If this helps you :)

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2. Egyptain Medicine
1 Who treated illness?
1.1 Priests
1.1.1 Who were doctors for the Pharaoh
1.2 Family
2 What did they think caused disease?
2.1 Gods
2.1.1 Not "Evil Spirits" anymore
2.2 Rotting Food in the body lets off gas
2.2.1 Blocked channels in the body caused disease
3 Key ideas
3.1 Irrigation and farming led to the blocked channel idea
3.2 Embalming
3.2.1 Preserving Pharaoh for the afterlife Led to identification of organs
3.3 Heart controls the body
3.4 Hieoglyphics
3.4.1 Writing down ideas
3.5 Pharaoh could afford specialist doctors
3.5.1 So knowledge increased
4 Example of change
4.1 looking for natural causes
4.1.1 Blocked channels
4.2 Embalming
4.2.1 Studying anatomy
4.3 Metal Instruments used in surgey
4.4 Writing
4.4.1 Hieroglyphics
4.5 Trade
4.5.1 New ideas
4.5.2 Medicines brought in
5 Example of Continuity
5.1 Superstition
5.2 No idea of the real cause of disease
6 Treatment/Prevention
6.1 Herbal remedies
6.2 Simply Surgery
6.2.1 On the surface of the body
6.3 Charms
6.3.1 Superstition
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