1. Healthy, Active Lifestyles- PE GCSE EdExcel

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EdExcel PE GCSE Course: healthy active lifestyles

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1. Healthy, Active Lifestyles- PE GCSE EdExcel
1 health is a state of complete physical mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease or infirmity
2 fitness is the ability to meet the demands of the environment
3 exercise is physical activity done to improve or maintain health and/or fitness
4 social benefits
4.1 make new friends
4.2 co-operation
5 physical benefits
5.1 maintain/improve health
5.2 maintain/improve fitness : strength, enduracne, flexibility and overall fitness
5.3 lose weight if overweight
5.4 improve performance
6 mental benefits
6.1 feel good: as you do physical activity the hormone serotonin is released into your bloodstream; more = happier
6.2 stress relief
6.3 improve self-esteem/confidence
6.4 competition and challenge
7 aesthetic appreciation is how good an activity looks

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