4. How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

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4. How did you use media technologies in construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?
1 Evaluation
1.1 Examtime.com
1.2 Prezi.com
1.3 Microsoft Powerpoint
1.4 Social Networking
1.4.1 Facebook
1.4.2 Twitter
1.5 Microsoft Word
1.6 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
1.7 YouTube
1.8 naturalreaders,com
2 Research and Planning
2.1 Smartphone
2.1.1 to take photos and upload to blog
2.1.2 ease and accessibility
2.2 Technical Practise
2.2.1 LiveType To create our production company logo
2.2.2 Adobe After Effects CS6 Practised using this ready for the construction of my trailer
2.2.3 Final Cut Pro Initial software I used to edit practise shots together Practised filming a conversation Practised filming a journey through college Practised shooting and editing someone walking through a door
2.3 Obsurvey
2.3.1 To create online questionnaires to get feedback easier from peers online
2.4 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
2.4.1 To edit together my Location Scouting video together
2.5 SlideShare
2.5.1 Microsoft Powerpoint to plan my shoots and display information effectively This allowed me to embed YouTube videos inbetween slides to further illustrate my point Word To create tables for my production schedule and shot lists for effective editing
3 Construction
3.1 Internet
3.1.1 Incompetech free royalty free website for free music for soundtracks
3.1.2 sfx effects website for diegetic sound
3.1.3 to research how to create a sepia effect, which I downloaded
3.2 Hardware
3.2.1 Fuji Film Finepix S9600 digital camera
3.2.2 Sony HDR SR8 video camera
3.2.3 Video Tripod Velbon DV-7000
3.2.4 Zoom H1 sound recorder
3.3 Software
3.3.1 Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 To edit my clips Used the razor tool to cut down clips Video Effects Colour Correction Colour Balance (HLS) Hue, Lightness, Saturation To add in sound I had recorded
3.3.2 Adobe After Effects CS6 To create intertitles Used Opacity and Position tools
3.3.3 Adobe Photoshop CS6 To create my poster and magazine cover Ancillary products using the tools to create layers to overlap and follow conventions To create Contact Sheets from my photo-shoots as evidence
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