Pediatric Medicine

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Pediatric Medicine
1 Cardiovascular system
2 Digestive system
2.1 Clinical manifestation of gastrointestinal disease
2.1.1 Normal digestive track phenomena
2.1.2 Major symptoms and signs of digestive tract disorders
2.2 The oral cavity
2.3 The esophagus
2.4 Stomach and intestines
2.5 Exocrine Pancreas
2.5.1 Embryology ,Anatomy, and physiology
2.5.2 Pancreatic function tests
2.5.3 Disorders of Exocrine Pancreas
2.5.4 Treatment of pancreatic insufficiency
2.5.5 Pancreatitis Acute pancreatitis Chronic pancreatitis
2.5.6 pseudocyst of the pancreas
2.5.7 Pancreatic tumors
2.6 The liver and biliary system
2.6.1 Morphogenesis of the liver and Biliary system
2.6.2 Manifestation of Liver disease Evaluation of patients with possible liver Dysfunction
2.6.3 Cholestasis Neonatal cholestasis Cholestasis in older age
2.6.4 Metabolic diseases of the liver Inherited deficient conjugation of Bilirubin (Familial non hemolytic unconjugated hyperbilirubinemia) Wilson disease Indian childhood cirrhosis neonatal Iron storage disease Miscellaneous Metabolic Diseases of the liver
2.6.5 Viral hepatitis
2.6.6 Liver abscess
2.6.7 Liver diseases associated with systemic disorders
2.6.8 Mitochondrial hepatopathies
2.6.9 Autoimmune hepatitis
2.6.10 Drug-and-Toxin-induced Liver injury
2.6.11 Fulminant hepatic failure
2.6.12 Cystic diseases of biliary tract and liver
2.6.13 Diseases of the gallbladder
2.6.14 Portal Hypertension and Varices
2.6.15 Liver transplantation
3 Musculoskeletal system
4 Endocrine system
5 Respiratory system
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