Modern Age

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Modern Age
  1. Authoritarian monarchies
    1. Territorial unification
      1. Marriage alliances
      2. Control the state
        1. Imposed Authority
        2. Policy
          1. Louis XI
            1. Henry VII
              1. Catholic Monarchs
                1. Ferdinand II of Aragon
                  1. Isabella I of Castille
                    1. They unified the Peninsular territories
                    2. Charles I
                      1. He inhereted the territories of Spain
                        1. Painting of Charles I
                      2. Monarch controlled the power of the state
                        1. Bureocracy
                        2. Improved the administration
                          1. International relationships
                            1. Permanent army
                            2. Byzantine empire disappeared
                              1. Geographical discoveries
                                1. Cristopher Colombus discovered America in 1492
                                  1. He used this boats
                                    1. He made different routes since 1492 until 1502
                                      1. Painting of Columbus
                                    2. Economy
                                      1. Trade
                                        1. With America
                                          1. New products
                                            1. Coffe
                                              1. Tabacco
                                            2. Trade in the Mediterranean zone
                                            3. Merchantilism
                                              1. Banks were created
                                                1. Easier system
                                                2. Agrarian activities
                                                  1. Good harvest
                                                    1. Clearing of new land
                                                    2. Handicrafts
                                                      1. Guilds appeared
                                                        1. Homeworking
                                                          1. Businesspeople provided the peasantry with raw materials
                                                            1. Peasants could later sell the raw materials
                                                      2. Demographic growth
                                                        1. Population increased slowly
                                                          1. Infectious diseases
                                                            1. Few hygene
                                                            2. Not as much wars as there were before
                                                              1. Plague disappeared
                                                              2. Society
                                                                1. Monarchs had more power
                                                                  1. Bourgeoisie
                                                                    1. They grew thanks to
                                                                      1. Banks
                                                                        1. Trasatlántico trade
                                                                          1. Business dealings
                                                                          2. Own social status
                                                                          3. Peasentry
                                                                            1. Free from servitude
                                                                              1. Had more money because of the discovery of America
                                                                            2. Reformation
                                                                              1. Lutheran Reformation
                                                                                1. Martin Luther
                                                                                2. Anglican Reformation
                                                                                  1. Henry VIII
                                                                                  2. Causes
                                                                                    1. Abuses of Church
                                                                                      1. Disdain of the papacy and clergy
                                                                                      2. Catholic Counter-Reformation
                                                                                        1. Council of Trent
                                                                                          1. Society of Jesus
                                                                                          2. Calvinist Reformation
                                                                                            1. John Calvin
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