Termination of Offers

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Termination of Offers
1 Lapse of time - if offer left open indefinitely may come time when offeree can no longer accept. Reasonable time judged to facts of each case.
1.1 Ramsgate Victoria Hotel v Montefiore
2 Death of offeror - where contract for performance of personal service depending on exclusive skill of offeror, death terminates offer. Where available in open market the offeree cannot accept after communication of offeror's death made.
3 Death of offeree - position probably that offeree's representatitves can accept if of non-personal nature.
4 Can be revoked impliedly by offeror making second offer if shows intention to withdraw first.
4.1 Pickfords Ltd v Celestica Ltd
5 Bilateral offers can be revoked at any time before acceptance.
5.1 Payne v Cave
6 An offer may be open for set period of time and may be assumed cannot revoke offer during this but no more than pre-contractual promise, unenforceable unless supported by seperate consideration.
6.1 Routledge v Grant
7 Revocation must be communicated. Postal rule does not apply so if letter of acceptance posted after letter of revocation but before revocation recieved, contract is formed.
7.1 Byrne and Co. v Van Tienhoven and Co.
8 Revocation need not be authorised by offeror provided offeree ought reasonably to believe it.
8.1 Dickinson v Dodds
9 Much difficulty in unilateral offers. Offer cannot be withdrawn if offeree is in process of completing act.
9.1 Errington v Errington and Woods
10 Revocation of unilateral offers must be given same notoriety as given to the offer itself.
10.1 Shuey v US
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