praise song for my mother

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praise song for my mother
1 different aspects of a mother and daughter relationship
1.1 mother was like complete world to child
2 Form
2.1 first 3 stanzas describe what mother was to her using a different image
2.2 last stanza suggest she moved to England, moved away from childhood
3 Structure
3.1 lack of punctuation
3.1.1 flowing rhythm
3.1.2 not one particular memory they have all merged together into one warm pic never-ending memory of mother
3.1.3 poem isn't single event but experiences of many yrs
3.2 first 3 stanzas show stability of childhood and are refrain and have repetition
3.3 gap in poem-mothers death?
4 language about her mother
4.1 words that wouldn't normally be used to describe loved one
4.1.1 suggest poet gone beyond traditional form and its meant to be heart felt
4.1.2 word out of their usual context, don't have one simple meaning- make us see mothers importance as beyond simple explanations
4.2 'you were'
4.2.1 repetition, sense of loss, sense of being formal verse
4.3 'water to me'
4.3.1 essential-couldn't live without
4.4 'fathoming'
4.4.1 adjectives aren't straightforward-mothers love was more than can be captured in everyday life
4.4.2 suggest both depth and understanding
4.5 'moons eye to me'
4.5.1 looking down
4.5.2 metaphor-natural influence, parental influence
4.5.3 moon pulls tides-influence isn't forced
4.6 'sunrise to me'
4.6.1 brings light/joy
4.7 moon, water and sun are all essential just like mom, mom is always there
5 language about food
5.1 food from Caribbean-linking mother to specific place, emphasises how mother was a nourishing presence
5.2 last stanza can be read as describing meal-seeing fish, feeling shelter of tree and the smell of the food
5.2.1 suggests her mothers presence touched all her senses
5.3 'fishes red gill to me'
5.3.1 brings life to her made her life healthy
5.3.2 present participle- even though her mothers not there she is still part of her life
5.4 'crabs leg/the fried plantain smell'
5.4.1 smells merge together
6 the vibrant colours suggest vivid memory of childhood and will never forget it
7 'wide futures'
7.1 many possibilities- future,on her own
8 Feelings and Attitudes
8.1 Gratitude-expressing thanks to mom's love and support
8.2 Joy-memories are joyful and warm ones
8.3 praise-song gives chance to tell people how she feels about her mother
9 'replenishing'
9.1 emphasise how much her mom nourished her
10 Tone-happy: celebration of mothers life however parts are sad

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