Lessons from Spanish American War and causes of WWI

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US History (Chapter 19 - World War I ) Mind Map on Lessons from Spanish American War and causes of WWI, created by Pablo Diaz Ramos on 02/03/2017.

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Lessons from Spanish American War and causes of WWI
  1. Uniforms in Cuba (made of wool)
    1. Food Poisoning + Illness
      1. Supply lines
        1. New Generation needs a war - "war is fun mentality"
          1. Causes of WWI - "The war to end all wars" + "The War to make the world safe for democracy"
            1. Interior
              1. Economic struggle
                1. WAR IS FUN!
                  1. Wilson's relationship with the prime minister of the parliament
                  2. Exterior
                    1. Explosion of the lusitania
                      1. LUSITANIA
                        1. British ship destroyed by the Germans
                          1. Suspicious of contraband
                            1. US passengers in it
                            2. Desperate for British blockade
                              1. Controlled parts of Germany
                                1. BRITISH BLOCKADE
                                  1. Germany + Neutral parts
                                    1. blockade of food and fertilizer
                                    2. British Propaganda
                                      1. British cut cable between Germany and the US
                                  2. Germany warned the US
                                    1. British controlled the cable between Germany and the US
                              2. Zimmerman Note
                                1. Unregistered Submarine Warfare
                                  1. SHIPS
                                    1. Passenger
                                      1. UK + France + US people
                                        1. Blowed up by Germans
                                      2. Merchant
                                        1. Naval
                                      3. Russia becomes a Republic and leaves the war
                                    2. Woodrow Wilson
                                      1. "Keep the army separate" and keep our causes/reasons separate
                                        1. Win the war, win the peace
                                          1. Dictate it with the league of nations
                                        2. City Upon a Hill
                                          1. Religious background and education
                                        3. Who is Anti-war?
                                          1. Mothers/Women
                                            1. German Americans
                                              1. Irish Americans
                                                1. Socialists
                                                  1. Consciencious Objectors + Quakers +Pacifists
                                                  2. The Executive Branch
                                                    1. WIB
                                                      1. Mass production of war staff in an efficient way
                                                        1. Lead by Barach
                                                          1. Hanes: uniforms + parachutes Ford: tanks Bic: Grenades
                                                          2. CIP
                                                            1. Comitte of Public Information
                                                              1. Propaganda: Music writers, Artists, War bonds
                                                                1. creel
                                                                2. Food Admin
                                                                  1. Hoover
                                                                    1. Suply food to troops and Allies
                                                                      1. "Victory gardens"
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