Convergence fundamental questions

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Convergence fundamental questions
  1. What is Convergence?
    1. Many Definitions
      1. Survival
        1. Protect place into market
          1. Deliver information in a new way
            1. A reporter that specializes about in an area and writes multimedia
              1. Becomes an authority
              2. Partnering between Newspaper and TV Channel
              3. Tactical Convergence
                1. Partnership between media, different owner
                2. Structural Convergence
                  1. Re-organization Newsroom
                  2. Information Gathering Convergence
                    1. Multi tasked reporters
                    2. Ownership Convergence
                      1. Partnership between medias, same owner
                      2. Storytelling Convergence
                        1. Management support for equipment. New platforms
                        2. Requires
                          1. Radical change between journalist and manager
                            1. journalist training
                            2. Team Work
                          2. Competing Models: the business ideal
                            1. Cooperation with other organizations
                              1. More platforms to reach more people
                              2. Competing models: the journalistic idea
                                1. Multiple - platform Journalist
                                  1. Growth strategy for the organization
                                  2. What is driving convergence
                                    1. Changing attitudes & lifestyle of news consumer
                                      1. Consumers multiple media use simultaneously
                                        1. The market fragmentation
                                          1. More niche markets
                                        2. Barriers to convergence
                                          1. Local legislation
                                            1. New Zealand
                                              1. Australia
                                                1. Forbids company of owning newspaper and tv channel
                                              2. Less quality work
                                                1. Newspapers traditional strength
                                                2. Evolution of convergence around the world
                                                  1. Convergence more advanced outside the US
                                                    1. Contries with companies with convergency
                                                      1. Malasya, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, US, Germany, UK, Spain, Scandinavia, Sweden, Finland, Arab countries
                                                    2. Key factors related to convergence
                                                      1. Managers need to support and expect convergence
                                                        1. Multimedia environments
                                                          1. requires an attitude change of journalists
                                                          2. Place persons with different skills to generate trust and sharing of ideas
                                                            1. Journalist must turn information into knowledge
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