Geography- Battle for the biosphere

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Geography- Battle for the biosphere
1 Biosphere
1.1 Definition- The zone where life is found
1.2 The life support system as it provides us with GOODS and SERVICES
1.2.1 GOODS Clothing Meat Wood Medicine Oil Sugar Definition- Things that are value
1.2.2 SERVICES Reduce flooding Tourism Water Oxygen Climate change Definition- Things that satisfy us
2 Ecosystem
2.1 Definition- A community of plants and animals that interact with each other and their local environment
2.1.1 Examples- Rainforest, deserts, animals, soil, plants
3 Biome
3.1 Definition-A large scale ecosystem
3.2 Examples- Tundra, Coniferous rainforest, temperate forest
3.2.1 Tundra Mostly found in the North Pole as it is very cold and only bears and penguins le there
3.2.2 Coniferous rainforest In North America (Canada) sun rays are weak meaning it is very cold and plants are adapted to the cold weather with needle like leaves
3.2.3 Temperate deciduous rainforests It is neither hot or cold so it is just mild and so plants are able to grow
3.2.4 Tropical rainforests Mostly found on either side of the Equator and the temperature is hot although it still has very heavy rainfall so that plants can grow
3.2.5 Hot Desert In between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn where is is very hot and dry and there are cactuses and camels
4 Micro ecosystem
4.1 Definition-Small like a pond
5 Sustainable
5.1 Definition-When you need something and you only use small amounts shat you need and leave the majority for future generations
5.2 Unsutainable
5.2.1 Definition- When you take huge amounts of something and don't think about the future generations
6 Indigenous people
6.1 Definition-People who have originated and lived in a country for many years
6.1.1 Indigenous people are ... Sustainable Use fuel wood Use small plots of land Move to another land so others can recover
6.2 TNC'S
6.2.1 Definition-Giant companies operating in many places in many countries using goods for commercial purposes TNC'S are... Unsustainable Use large plots of land Clears the trees, less roots, more erosion, land slides and flooding Economic gain
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