Rate of Reaction, a basic guide on the physical world?

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Rate of Reaction, a basic guide on the physical world?
  1. Factors that affect rate, are they true or nah?
    1. Kinetic energy - Truhhe
      1. Heat
        1. Sound
          1. Movement
            1. Kinetic energy affects da zoom capacity of particles and therefore the amount of collisions per plank time
            2. Concentration - Verdad
              1. This affects the amount of particles and therefore the amount of collisions per Yotametre cubed
              2. Surface Area - Valid
                1. More reactant per volume is revealed if it has a larger area of surface essentially just say surface area or diffusion in any bio question and you will be legit
                2. Spiritual energy - Nah m8 das stupid
                  1. Srsly do tis dumb
                  2. Sup m8?
                  3. What are catalysts, catalysts speed up or instigate a reaction without being consumed, or do they?
                    1. Lachlan would like to make a comment: "RAR XD"
                      1. Rufus would like to make a comment: "WORKKK"
                      2. Rufus: "Who is Emilia Baron?"
                        1. What other subject are there in rate of reaction?
                          1. More reactive elements will react faster such as potassium which is rly reactive.
                            1. THE REACTIVITY SERIES?
                              1. Potassium
                                1. Sodium
                                  1. Lithium
                                    1. Calcium
                                      1. Magnesium
                                        1. Aluminium
                                          1. Carbon
                                            1. Zinc
                                              1. Iron
                                                1. Tin
                                                  1. Lead
                                                    1. Hydrogen
                                                      1. Copper
                                                        1. Silver
                                                          1. Gold
                                                            1. Platinum
                                                              1. NOW FOR THE SYMBOLS
                                                                1. K
                                                                  1. Na
                                                                    1. Li
                                                                      1. Ca
                                                                        1. Mg
                                                                          1. Al
                                                                            1. C
                                                                              1. Zn
                                                                                1. Fe
                                                                                  1. ALLOY
                                                                                    1. Cu
                                                                                      1. Ag
                                                                                        1. Au
                                                                                          1. Pt
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