Chance Discoveries In Archaeology

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Chance Discoveries In Archaeology
  1. Any archaeological discovery which is found unintentionally, either trhough natural forces/processes or human activity.
    1. Natural Processes
      1. Rain
        1. Esp. flooding previously hidden archaeological site
        2. Landslides
          1. Consequence of excessive precipitation, revealing sites of human activity/habitation etc.
          2. Climatic variation
            1. 'The Ice Man'
              1. An especially warm summer caused record levels of snow melt
            2. Wind
              1. Desert environments
                1. Wind can cause mass sand movement removing sand covering sites
                2. Tsunami
                  1. Can change the shape of the land/ seabed
                    1. Potential to reveal sites inhabited when sea levels were lower
                      1. Temples at Mahabalipuram
                3. Human Activity
                  1. Farming
                    1. Ploughing fields
                      1. Pompeii (Italy)
                      2. Diggin wells
                        1. The Terracotta Warriors (China)
                      3. Construction
                        1. Roads
                          1. Railways
                            1. Building construction
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