Of mice and men Characters

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Of mice and men Characters
1 Lennie
1.1 child like
1.1.1 "he's jes' like a kid"
1.2 strong
1.2.1 "strong as a bull"
1.3 like an animal
1.3.1 "L covered his face with his huge paws and bleated with terror"
1.3.2 like G pet - follows him, relies on him
1.3.3 "like a terrier who doesn't want to bring a ball to its master"
1.4 name
1.4.1 German for lions strength
1.4.2 surname - small- ironic due to size, strength. small minded
1.5 dependent
2 George
2.1 loyal
2.1.1 "I want you to stay with me L"
2.2 caring
2.2.1 "I aitn gonna let'em hurt L"
2.2.2 killing L when he was happy
2.3 pessimistic
2.3.1 "I think I knowed for the very first. I think I knowed wed never do her"
2.4 smart - no probs on his own
2.4.1 "if I was alone I could live so easy"
2.5 aggresive
2.5.1 tells slim - lonely men "get mean". geroges aggression hints that he's close to being like this - friendship with L is preventing this
2.5.2 orders L to fight back
2.6 realistic
2.6.1 Hero - ordinary - we can relate
2.7 dream keeps him going
2.7.1 repeats - "I bet we could swing her"
2.8 name
2.8.1 Greek for farmer
2.8.2 surname - miton linked to John Miten- book about Adam and Eve leaving garden eve eats apple - have to leave - adam has to go L kills - has to leave- George has to go
3 Curleys wife
3.1 pretty
3.1.1 "shes pretty" her hard life made her mean but after her death she innocent again 1st - "roughed" face and "parted" lips after - "pretty and simple"
3.2 lonely
3.2.1 "I get awful lonely"
3.2.2 one women
3.2.3 "think I don't like to talk to somebody ever"
3.3 flirtatios
3.3.1 "shes go the eye goin all the time on everbody"
3.3.2 always looking for curly - attention
3.3.3 aware of her beauty and power over candy and crook
3.4 name
3.4.1 she belongs to curley symbolised all women
3.4.2 not a person, a labelled object
4 Crooks
4.1 porud
4.1.1 "a proud, aloof man"
4.2 cynical
4.2.1 "nobody never get to heaven, and nobody never gets no land"
4.3 vulnerable
4.3.1 has no power - black " I could get you hung up on the tree so easy it aint even funny"
4.4 only one with own room
4.4.1 privacy is one of his few rights
4.5 name
4.5.1 no real name white men cant be bothered to know him "crooked"society due to inequaltiy pain from back = pain from society
4.6 lonely
4.6.1 "a guy needs somebody to hear him"
5 Candy
5.1 old
5.1.1 "lousy ol' sheep"
5.2 week
5.2.1 when they can me here I wisht somebody'd shot me"
5.3 one handed
5.4 powerless
5.4.1 the "swamper"
5.4.2 doesn't join the men when they go into town
5.5 name
5.5.1 reflects his personality
5.5.2 'candid' - someone who is frank open with expressing thoughts and feeling
5.5.3 talks about his dream with L

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