The Crucible

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The Crucible
1 Context
1.1 by Arthur Miller
1.2 written in early 1950s
1.3 allegorical
1.3.1 exposes errors of the anti-communist McCarthyite era
1.3.2 parallel to McCarthyism
2 Story
2.1 witchhunts
2.1.1 accusations
2.2 realtionships
2.2.1 Proctor and Elizabeth
2.2.2 Proctor and Abagail
3 Setting
3.1 1692
3.2 Salem
3.2.1 Massachusettes
3.2.2 theocracy
3.2.3 small town
4 Themes
4.1 Intolerance
4.2 Hysteria
4.2.1 false accusations
4.3 Reputation
4.3.1 Proctor
4.3.2 Parris
5 Motifs
5.1 Empowerment
5.2 Accusations and Confessions
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