A House somewhere mind map of exam texts

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A-level (A2) English literature and language Mind Map on A House somewhere mind map of exam texts, created by hanbuchanan02 on 04/18/2014.

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Created by hanbuchanan02 over 5 years ago
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A House somewhere mind map of exam texts
1 Lily Brett - A Co-op building
1.1 Co-operative buildings are friendly and communal but can come with problems
2 Jeffery Tayler- A house in the casbah
2.1 Goes to be a peace corps, tries to find a house and taken to a brothel. When he finds a house man learning English gets wrong idea but makes aquaintences with many shop keeper. Gets stoned by young boy and answers to mother. Goes to club and gets fooled my young local woman
3 Tony Cohan- On Mexican time
4 Vida Adamoli - Brunetto il Piccolo fell in love
4.1 poor man and family.
5 Annie Hawes- Extra Virgin
6 Chris Stewart- Waiting for Juan
7 Amitav Ghosh- Antique land
8 Karl Taro Greenfield- Aloft in Paris
9 Peter Hessler- Chinese life
10 Paul Theroux- A Love-scene after work
11 Emma Tennant- A house in Corfu
12 Errol Trzebinski- Barefoot at Shanzu
13 Simon Winchester- Coming home in Massachaussets

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