there are moral and social consequences of globalisation

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there are moral and social consequences of globalisation
1 globalisation has meant many countries have become more industrialisaed. tncs move from factories from richer countries to nics, and sweatshops are also set up for sub contract work. agriculture workers from rural areas move to urban areas to work in the factories and sweatshops.
1.1 however works are exploited, e.g paid very low wages, many workers are killed or injured in accidents because there are fewer health and saftey regulations, e.g yongkang is an industrial city in china famous for the numner of amputees from factory accidents.
1.1.1 workers have fewer rights, if they strike becuase of poor conditions they may lose their job. or the factory may be moved to another place. some people think the effects of globalisation are morally wrong - dangerous, poorly paid work has just been moved from richer countires to pooer countries, instead of bing stopped altogether. some sweatshops employ children, which is illegal in richer countries. products made in nics are cheap becuase of conditions are poor and wages are low. many think people in richer countries should take mire responsibility and pay higher prices for products produced in nics, so the workers get a fairer wage.
2 effects of globalsation is helpful - urban working conditions and standards of living might be better than those in rural area.s
2.1 sweatshops are the first steps towards a wealthier economy, they existed in the uk and the usa in the 19th century and helped the economy grow.
2.1.1 poorer countries have to focus on what they can do best. can supply cheap labour, economies will grow in time and conditions wil imrpove.
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