Sab_#154_Professional & Social Responsibility

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Sab_#154_Professional & Social Responsibility
  1. Responsibility
    1. Ownwership of Decitions and Actions
      1. Make desitions based on the best interests of the company and the team, as well as a society, rather than your own best interest
        1. Only accept assingments you are qulified to complete
          1. Respect confidentiality requirements and Protect propetary information- including obeying copyrigth laws
            1. Report unethical behavoir and violations
              1. If you are given a project to manage that is beyond your qualifications or expirience, meke sure the sponsor knwos of any gaps in your qualifications before accepting the assignment
                1. Do what you sey you will do-including completing projects on time
                  1. Uphold laws
                2. Respect
                  1. The appropiete treatment of people and resorces
                    1. Mantain an attitude of mutual cooperation
                      1. Respect cultural differences
                        1. Engage in good faith negociations
                          1. Be direct in dealing with conflict
                            1. Don´t use your power or position to influence others for your own benefit
                          2. Fairness
                            1. Being objective and making impartial decisions
                              1. Act impartially without favoritism, nepotism, bribery or prejudice
                                1. Continuously look for conflicts of interest and disclose them
                                  1. Do not discriminate against other
                                    1. Do not use your position for personal or bussisnes gain
                                      1. Honor your duty of loyalty to those companies and organizations with whom you are affilated
                                    2. Honesty
                                      1. Understanding the truth an taking action based on truth
                                        1. Try to understand the truth
                                          1. Be truthful in all communications and create an enviroment where others tell de truth
                                            1. Do not deceive others
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