Factors affecting health.


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Factors affecting health.
  1. Your health is affected by having an unbalanced diet.
    1. People whose diet is badly out of balance are said to be malnourished.
      1. Malnourished people can be either fat or thin.
      2. Eating too much however can lead to obesity.
      3. Obesity.
        1. To much carbohydrate or fat in the diet can lead to obesity.
          1. Obesity is a common disorder in developed countries.
            1. You are obese if you are 20% or more over the maximum recommended body mass.
              1. Hormonal problems can lead to obesity.
                1. The most common causes are bad diet, overeating or lack of exercise.
                2. Health problems can arise of a result of obesity.
                  1. These include Arthritis , Type 2 Diabetes , high blood pressure and heart disease
                3. Eating to little can cause health problems too.
                  1. People suffer from a LACK of food as well. (especially in developing country's)
                    1. This is called malnourishment.
                      1. This can lead to fatigue, poor resistance to infection and many more problems.
                        1. This can vary depending on what you are missing in your diet.
                        2. Deficiency diseases are caused by lack of vitamins and minerals.
                          1. This can cause scurvy.
                            1. this is a deficiency disease that leads to problems with your gums, skin and joints.
                      2. Exercise is important as well as having a healthy diet.
                        1. People who exercise regularly are usually a lot healthier then people don't exercise.
                          1. Exercise increases the amount of energy used by the body and decreases the amount of stored fat
                            1. Exercise also builds muscle so it helps boost your metabolic rate. (To learn more about metabolic rate look at my other mind map on diet and metabolic rate.)
                              1. So people who exercise are less likely to suffer from health problems later on. e.g. They probably wont suffer from obesity.
                                1. You might be fit but you might be malnourished because your diet is unbalanced. (To learn more about balanced diet look at my other mind map on diet and metabolic rate.)
                                2. Its not just about what you eat and how much exercise you do its about what inherited factors you have as well.
                                  1. Some people might inherit factors that might change their metabolic rate.
                                    1. Another example is that you might of inherited something that means that you have a underactive thyroid gland or you might have a lower metabolic rate because of one of the things you inherited. Sometimes you can even inherit obesity.
                                      1. Other people might inherit factors that can change their blood cholesterol levels.
                                        1. Cholesterol is a substance that is found in every cell of your body and is a fatty substance that is essential for good health.
                                          1. Some inherited factors can increase your blood cholesterol levels which could increase the possibility of getting heart disease.
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