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grammar of unit 4

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  1. making comparisons
    1. more and most
      1. carefully= more carefully/the most carefully
      2. -er -est
        1. Fast"= faster/fastest
        2. irregular
          1. WELL= better/the best. BADLY= worse/the worst
          2. LESS
            1. The opposite of MORE
              1. Animals are less intelligent than humans
            2. As..........As
              1. Two things that are the same
                1. Dogs are as clever as cats
              2. not as.....not as
                1. to say that the second person is more than the first one
                  1. Animals aren´t as intelligent as humans
                2. The +comparative
                  1. two things that happens together
                3. Articles
                  1. A/An
                    1. coutable nouns
                      1. mention somethig the first time
                        1. when you mention a profession
                        2. the
                          1. coutable and uncountable nouns
                            1. to refer someone previusly mentioned
                              1. to talk something unique
                                1. we use it wih superlatives adejetives and adverbs
                                2. no article
                                  1. we don´t use an article with prural countable nouns or uncountable. When we are talking in general
                                3. uses of
                                  1. so
                                    1. intensify the meaning of adjectives
                                      1. She works so hard
                                    2. too
                                      1. excessive
                                        1. he´s too clever
                                      2. very
                                        1. negative of too
                                          1. he´s very clever
                                        2. such
                                          1. intensify the meaning without adjectives
                                            1. It´s such an interesting topic
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