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Facts about Enzymes. Comment below if this helps you :)

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1 Enzymes are Catalysts produced by living thing
1.1 A Catalysts is a substance which increases the speed of a reaction, without being changed or used up in the reaction.
1.1.1 Living thing produce enzymes that act as Biological Catalysts
2 Enzymes are all protein are made up of chain of Amino acids
3 Enzymes have special shapes so they can catalyse reaction
3.1 1. Chemical reaction involve either split apart or joined together
3.2 2. Every enzymes has an unique shape that fits onto a substance involved in a reaction
3.3 3. Enzymes are really picky
3.3.1 Usually only catalyse one reaction To work, substance has to fit its special shape If it doesn't match , it won't react or be catalysed
4 Enzymes need the Right Temperture and pH
4.1 Changing the temperture changes the rate of an enzymes-catalysed reaction
4.2 If pH is too high or low, interferes with bonds holding the enzymes together
4.2.1 This changes the shape and denatures the enzymes