All my son's character's

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Created by leeya_chowdhury over 5 years ago
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All my son's character's
1 Joe Keller
1.1 He symbolises capitalism during that time, exploiting his workers to benefit his own personal needs
1.1.1 "I think they were all my son's
1.2 1940's great depression where financial stability was hugely important. Joe isn's the antagonist because he was looking out for his family during the 2nd World War
1.2.1 "I spoilt you too much"
1.2.2 "20 cracks a man is out of business"
1.3 Keller takes pride in his son and his business but had failed societies and his families expectation
1.3.1 "we should all go to jail!"
1.3.2 "you were just a boy...i done this all for you"
2 Kate Keller
2.1 she appears to look weak but happens to be very manipulative, because of her helplessness of unable to save Larry she exposes Keller's crimes to George
2.1.1 "he hasn't been laid up in 15 years"
2.1.2 "you of all people have to believe he's alive"
2.2 she clings on to the thought that he is alive through symbols such as the tree
2.2.1 "it's apples clinging onto its branches
3 Chris Keller
3.1 Chris intends to marry Ann but the spirit of Larry still holds him back, to rid the spirit he cuts down the tree in act 2 hoping that this will allow him to move forward in life
3.1.1 "she's Larry's girl"
3.1.2 "he is wearing good pants...he cuts the remains of the tree"
3.2 Chris conforms to this hedgemony masculinity of an ascribed role of taking over his fathers business
3.2.1 "your the only one that seems to love his parents"
3.3 because of Keller, he has trapped Chris in this endless backyard
3.3.1 "what are you? not even an animal kills one of his own"
4 Larry Keller
4.1 We never meet Larry because events have happened before the novel begun that had lead to the death of Larry. however even though he isn't physically there there are still symbols that represent his presence such as the tree and letter
4.2 Larry is symbolic of the proletarian workers that had fought and died for the war.
4.2.1 "i don't think i could live in world like this"

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